Science On Stereo


Formed in 2009, Science On Stereo is an electro-rap/pop-funk/pop-rap collective from Benoni, Johannesburg consisting of 4 members (3 vocalists/songwriters  and a songwriter/producer).  We’re always playing around with new sounds and manipulating untested musical approaches. On our way to building a fanbase, along with our electro-rap sounds, we’ve recorded over mellow live music from around the world with the classic S.O.S. style and subject matter remaining evident on records to merely showcase the versatility within the collective. We hope to share the fun we experience writing, recording and performing our music with more multi-dimensional music-lovers.

We have released 2 EP’s since the group’s inception in 2009. The genres we have experimented with have allowed us to have a broad general awareness of what the common ear prefers to hear. We’ve graced numerous stages since the collective’s inception. Including the Soweto Beer Festival in 2012 and charity events locally and also smaller local venues.



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