The Sound Supreme Kingz is an award winning Hip Hop Crew (Rap) that was formed in 2009, by 5 members. It all started in the streets of N2 Gateway in Delft. There are now 3 members which are Sandiso Seyda Mbulelo, Aviwe AV Kupiso, and Sipho ST Taleni. The crew is doing mixed genres such as RnB, punk rock and Commercial hip hop. We are controversial and unique. We do any kind of Hip Hop, try mix it with other genres like R n B,Pop,and any kind of music that fits or go with our style of music.These joints did well on the internet, gained lot of downloads and comments alongside critics and compliments and were played in radio station like Metro FM, Bush Radio, K FM,5 FM and Goodhope FM .Our music is being played in the United States ,We are connect with Kevin Fox who hosts the Certified Show. We had Worked with some of Delft known artists such as Malala , Da Allyz, K.Paulz and Sphura.We went international by doing two features with Young Mack and SKIP. Young Mack did Story Of A Hero Remix and SKIP was featured on a track called Turn It Up and he is killing the 3rd verse on the joint. Hustling our way up is not easy. The game has ups and downs, with no Projects being released the name of S.S.K is growing and getting out there slowly and surely.

Facebook: facebook.com/wearessk
Twitter: twitter.com/we_are_ssk
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/s-s-k-1/s-s-k-cape-city


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