George Daniel has been living and breathing the ever changing music industry of South Africa for close to 14 years and has seen the rise and fall of many a movement. Since the very beginning George was intrigued by broken rhythms, those offbeat rhythms created by break beats, hip hop and acid jazz fascinated him and he delved deep into this musical cesspool and started playing at the now legendary Die Mystic Boer in Bloemfontein. After 7 years of residing in Bloemfontein and sharing a stage alongside international acts like Krafty Kuts (Hot Cakes), The Freestylers (Fingerlickin), Stanton Warriors (Fingerlickin) and loads of local talent (Springbok Nude Girls, Max Normal, Rudimentals, The Narrow, Goldfish etc. etc.) every week, George Daniel developed somewhat of a following, and when he moved to Cape Town in 2007 he moved things up a gear. Since moving to Cape Town, George Daniel has headlined clubs such as The Assembly, Fiction, Zula, Waiting Room, Die Mystic Boer Stellenbosch, Arcade Empire and a host of others across the country. He has also been performing excessively at festivals such as Ramfest, Earthdance, Rocking the Daisies, Synergy, and Rezonance etc. Alongside DJing, George Daniel promotes two major events in Cape Town, the first, #REVERB is a bi-monthly event held at mega club The Assembly. #REVERB’s main focus is to give new undiscovered talented individuals a chance to play on a big stage in a big club to a big audience. The second event George is the promoter/organizer for is the second stage at Rezonance NYE festival in Cape Town. The festival attracts 10 000 people every year and the Delta Stage (previously known as the TechnoDubFest Arena) is the 2nd biggest stage at the festival and has hosted acts like Scratcha DVA, LV, Kode9 (All from Hyperdub), General Midi (UK), Dubsidia (Spain), Julian

Chaptal (FR) and Dov (USA). George Daniel is also the host of #THDSCTHQSHW on Friday nights from 19:00 21:00 on Assembly Radio. The show is 100% about the music and George explores genres from funk and disco to grime and dubstep and everything in-between.  Lastly, George Daniel is one of the owners of On a Break Records. An indie record label situated in the heart of Salt River in Cape Town. The label is getting increasingly popular and has seen releases from Hawkword, Sadhu Sensi, DJ Invizable, Twelv & Thesis, Richard the Third, Melodik, Callan Maart, Lethalness and Enough Weapons among others. The label already has a catalogue of over 300 releases strong and is known as one of the premier underground labels in South Africa and has achieved releases in the Beatport and Juno Top 100. A few pies in the music industry, one thing that always stays a constant is his performances. He is one of the few DJ’s in South Africa that is known for his multi-genre sets, throwing down everything from Electro and Kuduro to Indie, Breaks, Grime, Dubstep and everything in-between pulling inspiration from acts like 2 Many DJ’s and DJ Yoda. You can catch him weekly playing the circuit at parties such as Discotheque, SYNW, Pandamonium, Dansville, Pressure, Cold Turkey and others. Some highlights were sharing a stage with some prolific international acts such as Steve Aoki (Dim Mak), The Cyberpunkers (Freakz me out), Belzebass (Dim Mak), Le Castle Vania (Always Never), General Midi (Distinctive), DJ Yoda, Gigi Barocco (Ultra Records), Dubsidia (Ultra Records), Krafty Kuts (Hot Cakes/Fingerlickin), The Freestylers (Freestylers Music), The Stanton Warriors (Punks), F.O.O.L (Tasty Records/Dim Mak), TAI (Dim Mak), Diplo (Mad Decent), Bart B More (Secure Recordings), Sigma (Hospitality), Logistics (Hospitality), Darth & Vader (Ultra Records), Far Too Loud (Megaloud) and Dirtyloud (Sony/OWSLA)




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