D.S.O stands for Delft South Origins. It is a well- known Hip Hop group which was formed in 2003 with five members. Today D.S.O consists of Bongani Rheebongs Bonase and Buntu  Jobela and recently joined by a vocalist, a lady named Nomakhrestu Xakathugaga. After a decade in the music industry D.S.O has built a name amongst Hip Hop lovers around Western Cape especially Cape Town. D.S.O has performed around Cape Town, Grahamstown National Arts Festival since 2007, represented Cape Town in Splash Jam and Black Sunday in Johannesburg with Bush Radio where they performed to massive audiences. In 2007, DSO launched an album independently MGUVELA which received a warm welcoming amongst Cape Town fans.

D.S.O performed with a USA artist Dessa in a Saving Rhinno Campaign which was a huge success. They recently also won the Best Song Award at the first Cape Town Spaza Awards held at the Baxter Theatre Centre organized by Hip Hop Kasi Lam. And they collaborated in Thami Mbongo’s musical theatre production  UNBORN where Bongani and Buntu and Nomakhrestu took acting roles as well as producing music for the musical. D.S.O organized several shows where they host local hip hop artists and last shows they hosted (THE NEXT EPISODE) they perform most of their tracks with a live band, which was well attended and left the crowd wanting more. D.S.O is known by many and is making many performance appearances and interviews (radios, television shows such as Hectic 9.Nine, Q.TV in Grahamstown just to name a few, newspapers, magazines like the rolling stone (South Africa) and ETC.  DSO Recently did a song with Gabi Le Roux, produced by legendary producer and all the works by Gabi @ kaleido Sound. DSO recently dropped a new E.P titled the Hijack story and it’s been doing good people loving it as we pushing our music on our own.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/DSO-7100/131234953682529?ref=hl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Buntujobela
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/delft-south-origins


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