CMJaymmotla, named Junior Mmotla aged 21 born October 14th is a musician currently based in Pretoria originally from Mpumalanga (Bethal) bit by the music bug when he started out as the local beat boxer for ciphers behind the town library after school, got introduced to beat production during the high school years. Bringing  a Hip Hop sound that has a Tribal house music element to it. Having Dark percussion mixed with heavy kick and snare thuds the instrumentals he comes up with consists of repetitive Zulu and Pedi chants with textures that seem out of place, threaded together with social commentary he’s sound leaves you with a “what was that? play it again so I can make sure” feeling. The Young talent draws his influence from the highly respected house Duo Black Motion with their tribal sound other influences being Tumi,AKA,Bon Iver,Kid Cudi,James Blake,Salif Kaita,Pusha T and Kanye West.

At the moment a single from him titled “Real Life” is being received well by the South African kids of the internet, touching on social ills and personal battles with life, this song will be on a body of work titled “Varsity Dreams” which is due end of October.



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