Velvet Suite Lounge


Velvet Suite Lounge established in 2012, is a dynamic duo from north of Johannesburg, Alexandra Township consisting of Paul Solaris & Neo Soulsta. Neo Soulsta is a singer, composer and songwriter complemented by Paul Solaris, a producer,composer,sound engineer and deejay. They’ve collaborated, merging both their talents to create a unique sound. Their repertoire is influenced by Jazz, Neo soul, Lounge, Soulful house, Deep house, Chill out, Afro, Latin and Broken beat.

Their 1st release in February 2013, Fade Away was with Vick Lavender of Sophisticado Recordings in Chicago, followed by their 2nd single Boogie All Night Long released by Sentio Music in the UK in March 2013. Independently, the duo has released their debut album titled Human Nature in June 2013 and also worked on new projects with Ananda Project. Velvet suite Lounge always deliver their performance with a live band and instrumentation which brings a new experience to the audience



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