The Ded C

The Ded C

The Ded C is the electronic music performance and production project of Fingers In The Sky frontman Andriques Petersen. It began as a purely dj based outlet, performing other people’s music, but after many nights of tinkering on demo DAW software: the production of his own tracks soon followed. As a producer and sound designer, TDC is influenced by the sounds and moods widely associated with various styles of film scoring.

Because he is an avid listener and has experience as a lyricist within FITS, TDC aims to create stories in aural form rather than lyrical. Pushing his own sound, what he describes as cinemastep, he’s collaborated with friends Big Gay Rainbow, Harvey Dent and plans on working with a wide range of artists across all genres.  Having been recently signed to German/Austrian record label Digital Room Records, The Ded C is set on spreading his brand of dark dance world wide.



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