St.Dog and the Day

St.Dog and the Day

We are an unapologetic, self-assured, dirty-swing-rock band with strong punk influences and ideas. ST.DOG and the Day are a relatively new band, having broke onto the scene in early 2012. Previously living and trying to make it in the dirt bowl of Durban, the members gave up scholarships, jobs and family. Now residing in Johannesburg, a three piece band who’s influences include Sex Pistols, Bowling for Soup, Bob Dylan, Fokofpolisiekar and Green Day.

Drawing influences from personal experiences – trouble childhoods and personal tragedies, the band recorded their first single Home which pays tribute to lead singer, Burt Fraser’s family, his mother in particular. Recorded in Pretoria, South Africa the debut single will be released to radio in July 2013.

The follow up single, est La Vie is a politically charged single that criticizes the South African government inability to deliver on any of the promises they make. It also poses the question to people living in South Africa on their inability to shake the residue of apartheid, xenophobia, corruption, nationalist propaganda.



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