Fruits & Veggies

Five years ago Fruits and Veggies first appeared in Umbilo, a working-class neighbourhood in Durban, South Africa and they have since earned themselves a reputation as one of the most refreshing and powerful live acts in the country. The band is fronted by Purity, who’s unique and edgy vocals are backed by guitarist Jimbo (The Trees), bassist Loopy and guitarist, Cameron (Black Math). Mahala called them a one of a kind band, (with) solid songs, a derisive attitude towards conventions, a blistering stage presence and a really deep commitment to living life to the full. The most exciting post-racial, post-punk party band to come out of Durban since, uh, forever! The band are Festival favourites, having appeared at South Africa’s foremost festivals such as Oppikoppi (alongside Bullet for My Valentine, Enter Shakari,Eagles of Death Metal), Splashy Fen and Sowing the Seeds. Reviewing theirSplashy Fen set, Lloyd Gedye wrote in the Mail and Guardian: “the most impressive of the bands was Fruits and Veggies…teenage rebellion Durban style, with some great catchy hooks and some fierce attitude.”



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