Big Space

Big Space

All I ever wanted to be was famous but now I’m just stuck at infamous, which is ok I guess, its better than nothing. Big Space Producer, DJ and song writer Big Space hails from Lesotho via Cape Town, South Africa. Having worked with the likes of Schlacthofbronx, Scratcha DVA and Spoek Mathambo on celebrated releases in Europe and on collaborations with 7FT Soundsystem and Jumping Back Slash in South Africa, he released his Brown Bag E.P on Bombaada Records last year. Big Space creates anti-gravitational house, effortlessly layering whatever he wants for as long as he wants. A sound that prides itself on originality that took for fucking ever to come up with. Its the kind of strange deep techno tribal African house groove that hits you in the small intestine. Big Space started producing in High school but at a slow rate because he could only make use of a computer when he went home for the holidays, so he concentrated on song writing. In grade 10 he recorded a demo tape with some friends from school, it was recorded by Leon Schusters cousin who later died of Cancer. He went on to produce his first album Spaceghost as a collaborative effort with Spoek Mathambo. The album is still considered an underground classic which would later set the tone for both artists future work with its use of wit and absurd crude humour. In 2008 he released his first instrumental album called This product contains nuts which was independently pressed, and sold enough CD Big Space sound has evolved from sample based Hip Hop to break beats, disco rap, and most recently an experimental form of house music he refuses to categorise.  I dunno, its just me I guess. Lots of hard drums, percussion and jarring synths lathered on the breasts of a bass ridden whore. He has worked with Schlathofbronx on Nasty Bass which was released on Mad Decent. He also collaborated with artists such as Disco Trash Music and DJ Rashad. He currently resides in Cape Town where he continues to produce, and DJ’s at esteemed events and festivals such as Cold Turkey, The Assembly, Fiction, Synergy and Rocking the Daisies. Big space has just recently finished his vinyl EP for OKZHARP, Coco Savage, on a new UK label by Gervase Gordon of LV. Another exciting development has been his project with Jumping Back Slash as Manyoba Boy$, which is the most distinctive form of African Techno and house music. Friends before music, the relationship translates into the music through their free and original sound capturing any ear that listens.



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