Andy Mkosi

Andy Mkosi

Andy Mkosi is a 23 year old artist who resides in Langa, Cape Town.

Growing up, she was exposed to a variety of music genres, which inspired her to take note in the message the music tries to convey. She then started writing poetry, enabling her to be more expressive than she would be verbally. Fascinated by how people made words rhyme in 2008, she started attending cypher mixing sessions with other Hip Hop artists in Langa.

In 2010 she started performing for an audience. The highlight of her career so far was performing at the Hip Hop Indaba 2011 and most importantly opening up for Jean Grae and Pharoah Manchoe at the Ibuyambo Centre in 2012. It was then she realized that she has something good within her that needed to be shared.

Andy has also had the honor of sharing a stage with Youngsta a vibrant artist from Cape Town. She is currently busy on a project with Gary Arsenic and a mixtape.She has made music with Sabza, Native Refugee, Supreme Soul, Obie The Real & Michael Dahm to name a few.



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