Black Porcelain

Black Porcelain

Who is Black Porcelain? With no label or high budget marketing machine, Black Porcelain managed to get her music on the playlists of radio stations in 36 countries. Who is Black Porcelain? She is an award winning singer songwriter whose journey into the music industry started as a singing waitress: worked as a singing waitress for a year. I really was a horrible waitress, but I think I wasn’t fired because I was a great performer. I decided then that I was going to write songs and see where the journey takes me…a charming clash somewhere between Nina Simone and Diana Ross with a touch of badass for interest…” – Caroline Cellers, YourLMG (SA). The journey has seen her win 2 Wawela Music Awards this year (2013, June). The inaugural Wawela Music Awards recognised some of South Africa’s best songwriters and composers. Black Porcelain walked was the biggest winner of the night; winning the Best Creative Album and Best Female Composer/Co-composer. The competition was stiff. I was up against Nothende, Coenie De Villiers and Lira twice! This was my first nomination for anything, so I didn’t know what to expect. I still can’t believe that I won. Black Porcelain



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